The timing of a resolution to the FY 2024 federal budget remains uncertain and, although negotiations between congressional leaders are ongoing, there remains potential for a federal government shutdown on January 19, 2024. This message is to assure you that IUP and Research Institute leadership are aware of this possibility and are actively monitoring the situation as it relates to our federally-funded sponsored projects. In the event a budget agreement is not reached, all or portions of the federal government will shut down January 19, 2024, the start of the federal fiscal year.

As with prior federal government shutdowns, we anticipate that each federal agency will post its operational contingency plans and disseminate its specific guidelines closer to Jan. 19. This message is to provide a brief overview of what to anticipate and to outline proactive measures that can be taken in preparation for a federal government shutdown.

Please do not contact your program officer or agency prior to or during the shutdown. If you have questions or want specific information, contact the Research Institute at and a member of our team will be responsive.

During a government shutdown, the following activities are affected:

  • Contact with Federal Employees: Federal employees will generally be unavailable for inquiries and support.

  • Proposal Submission: Proposal submission systems may become unavailable. Each federal agency will provide guidance on the status of proposal submissions and whether submission deadlines will be revised.

  • Peer Reviews and Council Meetings: No peer reviews or council meetings will take place, which may have an impact on the evaluation and approval process of proposed projects.

  • Awarded Grants and Cooperative Agreements: In prior shutdowns, awarded grants and cooperative agreements continued with minimal disruptions—we are actively monitoring guidance from each federal entity that funds IUP.

  • Federal Contracts: Some contracts may be subject to stop-work orders. Determinations will be made by each agency on a contract-by-contract basis.

  • New Awards and Contracts: New awards will not be issued, and contracts will not be executed.

If you have questions about your sponsored project, please contact the Research Institute at If you type “Government Shutdown” in the subject line, we will expedite a response.

What should I do if the federal government shutdown comes to fruition?

  • Proposal submissions: Proposal submission systems may become unavailable. However, if you are preparing an application, you should continue to prepare your documents for an on-time submission. While we encourage you to monitor agency websites for updates, your Research Institute team (pre-award specialists, specifically) will be closely monitoring and will receive updates. Please contact the Research Institute ( with questions and for specific guidance.

  • Ongoing research projects: As with previous federal government shutdowns, researchers with active federally sponsored grants and contracts will generally be instructed to continue work unless the project requires significant involvement of federal employees. Researchers may receive instructions from their contracting or program officers. If you receive such information, please notify the Research Institute immediately by emailing with the details. 

  • Technical Reporting: If you are preparing a progress report for an upcoming deadline, you should continue to prepare those documents for an on-time submission. Please work with the Research Institute team, as normal, to complete and submit your reports.

  • Agency prior approvals: If you do not hear from your sponsoring agency before the shutdown, it is unlikely you will hear anything during the shutdown. No action should be taken. If you have an emergency situation, please contact the Research Institute (  immediately so we can help you.

  • New Awards/Extensions: We don’t expect any new awards or modifications during the shutdown. It will take a while for agencies to work through their backlog.

We will continue to monitor agency-specific communications regarding the potential shutdown and provide detailed updates and specific guidance via email and through the Research Institute website. We are confident that, as with previous federal government shutdowns, the research teams at IUP and the RI will work collaboratively, creatively, and compliantly to navigate any challenges that arise.

Additional information and guidance is available from the US Office of Management and Budget.

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please email and a member of the research team will respond.

Thank you,

Hilliary Creely, JD, PhD, CRA
Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research

Tracy Eisenhower, DEd, CRA
Interim Executive Director, IUP Research Institute


The IUP Research Institute partners with faculty and staff to provide research administration at all stages of externally funded projects by promoting research and creative activity, encouraging collaborations, responsible stewardship of funds, and award compliance.



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