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Hawks Q&A Center to answer all your questions

Crimson Hawks Athletics

学生在图书馆问讯处用记事本写字. Signs read Ask a Librarian, Hawks Q&A Center, and Ask Here.

Answers When You Need Them

For general questions, students can ask the Hawks Q&A Center 或者向他们的向导求助:一名在大一期间被指派给本科生的工作人员,帮助他们联系IUP的资源. 你的学术顾问可以帮助你解决所有学术问题.

Emily O'Donnell和一位教授一起在计算机实验室工作.

Academic Support

你可以通过校园里的各种项目获得支持, including assigned mentors, tutoring, writing center assistance, advice on choosing a major, library assistance, and more.

a student and professor working in a lab

Research Support

IUP is an R2 High Research Activity university, 从教师到一年级学生,每个人都有研究机会.

  • 本科生研究办公室是本科生寻找信息的中心来源, fund, or present research.
  • 应用研究实验室为学生和教师提供研究设计和数据分析方面的专家协助.
  • IUP研究所支持所有资助的校园研究.
a woman sitting and smiling in a chair

Health and Wellness Support

The Center for Health and Well-Being 提供学生需要的服务,以解决他们的身体,精神和情感健康. 还有各种健康支持,从营养咨询到压力管理.

a woman smiling and holding a child

Whole-Student Support

We provide support for students with disabilities, veterans and service members, students in the LGBTQIA community, students who are parents and in need of childcare, and others.

two women sitting at a table looking over papers

Career and Professional Development Center

职业和专业发展中心为学生和校友提供支持,帮助他们做出明智的职业决定, gain career management skills, and achieve their professional goals. 它赞助了一系列持续的教育课程和招聘会,以帮助学生为就业市场做好准备并取得成功.


IT Support Center

为所有学生、教师和员工提供技术支持. Get service by submitting an help ticket 或访问位于德莱尼大厅的学生计算机帮助台.

Three students link arms at a celebration

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Report an Incident of Concern

这些报告表仅供非紧急情况报告使用. 如果有人有危险,请立即拨打911. For urgent emotional/mental health matters, 请拨打24/7危机干预热线1-877-333-2470.



Live Comfortably

从第一天起,你的宿舍就被设计成你的大本营, close to everything—classes, shows, sporting events, fitness and health facilities, dining on campus, the Oak Grove, and more. 你会得到额外的支持,就在大厅的几扇门后面,有一位经过培训的住宿助理,他可以帮助你解决住房问题或指导你解决其他问题或问题. 


Fuel Your Day

Craving your favorites? Ready to be more adventurous and try something new? 品尝各种诱人的食物. 我们甚至有牛排之夜,还有星巴克、Chick-fil-A等全国性品牌. 了解更多菠菜APP为有饮食问题或食物敏感的学生提供的选择. Come dine with us!