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你的教育是对你未来的投资. IUP is committed to helping you make it affordable, and we’ll be with you for help and advice every step of the way.

There are two parts to making a college education more affordable: costs and financial aid. We strive to support our students in both areas, from merit scholarships and graduate assistantships to a 20% tuition reduction beginning fall 2022 Pennsylvania undergraduate students and fall 2023 for undergraduate students from other states.

IUP Offers a Path for Every Passion and Purpose

IUP提供160多个专业, 研究生课程, 和证书, 从生物化学, 护理, 网络安全, 创业, 剧院, 以及烹饪艺术的教育, 咨询, 安全科学, 和MBA课程.

无论你选择什么, 你会发现动手学习活动, 进行研究的机会, 以及国际公认的教师.

You’ll leave IUP equipped for a rewarding career.

Let’s 找一个专业或学位项目 That Fits You

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我们很想知道你的目标. If you're ready to apply, take the first step in our online system.

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There are more than 150,000 alumni of IUP, and you’ll find them everywhere. In small towns and big cities and everywhere in between, members of the IUP family have put down their roots and grown into thriving citizens with careers that stand out.

You’ll find that IUP graduates are in demand in many fields, 他们对彼此表现出兴趣, because they know the quality of education IUP provides. It’s a great network based on respect and pride.