four students in their commencement regalia look in different directions during commencement


IUP's 2020-28年战略计划 is designed to transform the culture at IUP to 增强 the student experience by fostering exceptional student-centeredness. Transformation will include reordering resources to ensure every student is engaged 和 can be successful at every point in their journey—transitioning to the university, 在IUP就读期间, 在IUP工作之后.


下载 战略计划实施工作手册战略计划战术工作表 to think through short- 和 long-term planning 和 keep the student experience at the center of your processes 和 systems. 需要IUP登录才能查看文件.)


解读总统的目标, the metrics that have been set to measure them, 和 the expected long-term impact.


你确定了一个过程吗, form, 规则, 过程, 或者其他可能阻碍学生成功的因素? Submit it to the Barriers Subcommittee of the University Planning Council.



  1. 每个学生都是优先考虑的对象.
  2. 促进对, 的生产, 和 dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of our students 和 society.
  3. Provide a wide range of intellectual 和 professional opportunities for students that will assist them in developing their potential for becoming productive 和 responsible citizens.
  4. Construct an environment of respect that encourages the growth of diversity, equity, 和 inclusion.
  5. Respond to students 和 their needs when 和 where they are to 增强 student satisfaction.
  6. Design 和 re-engineer processes 和 过程s logically to improve ease of use for students.
  7. 改善沟通, 协作, 以及整个大学的参与度, 以及我们的校友和社区合作伙伴.


    1. 为所有新生班级开发程序, 转移, 通勤, re-admits, 退伍军人, 瞬态, 研究生, 国际, clock-hour, 非学位的追求.
    2. Develop programming for the support systems of incoming classes: parents, 监护人, 配偶, 家庭.
    3. Enhance orientation for all employees: 教师, non-教师, students, 研究生 assistants.
    1. 创建 a 脸谱网 page for parents of incoming classes; connect incoming students by geographic location; connect online students 和 regional campus students prior to class start.
    2. 扩大同伴指导和员工指导计划.
    1. 开发一站式资源,帮助学生解决问题.
    2. 创建 a "Common Hour" across the university for students to work with 工作人员/教师 as needed.
    1. 探索新的社交媒体软件和沟通工具.
    1. Review 过程s that may impede support of opportunities for students.
    2. 促进学生组织之间的合作.
    3. Allow students to positively engage by offering more ways to connect.
    1. 尽早将学生与校友配对, 企业, 组织, 和 other leaders to foster learning 和 networking opportunities.
    1. Encourage meaningful 和 responsible social media use across the IUP community; Establish the purpose of each social media tool across all levels—university, 大学, 部门, 俱乐部.
    2. Provide 教师 和工作人员 education on social media use to 促进 IUP initiatives.
    3. Encourage 教师 to increase or initiate social media 内容 to 促进 their scholarship 和 cutting-edge academics.
    1. Re-examine current 过程s for students 获得 mental health services (e.g., 电子转介系统, 远距治疗选项, 为远程治疗预约提供保密空间, 等.).
    1. 重新设计频率, 内容, 和 methods for communicating with students about mental health 和 wellness maintenance 和 support services.
    1. Establish a mental health system of support for IUP students that utilizes continuous care within the immediate community 和 in communities students reside (e.g. working with county provider; moving beyond referral only; providing space for teletherapy).
    1. 利用心理健康系统为教师提供支持, 工作人员, 和学生一起用来支持所有的学生参加, 获得, 保持精神和身体健康的支持.
    1. Work with the Career 和 Professional Development Center to 增强 the curriculum
    1. 与大学组织合作(例如.g. 校友及朋友(职业及专业发展中心).
    1. 创建 a classroom experience for new learners that facilitates their particular transitional needs from home to college.
    2. 建立学生队伍,加强学生支援系统.
    1. Evaluate types of peer mentoring programs at all levels to refine programs that benefit all student types.
    1. Evaluate offerings based on history, trends 和 student/course dem和. May include more evening 和 weekend courses, as well as increased distance education offerings.
    1. 障碍可能包括:课程, 金融的不安全感, 瓶颈的课程, 课程顺序, 课程提供的时间和重复.
    1. 在顾问和被顾问之间建立更多的互动.
    2. 促进学生如何利用顾问作为一种资源.
    3. 考虑将所有学生与学生成功教练配对.
    1. 为学生创造更多资助机会. 鼓励并资助学生参加专业会议.